Fluminense wins Aegon Copa Amsterdam 2014!

Fluminense is the winner of the Aegon Copa Amsterdam 2014, after an exciting penalty shoot out in the final. This year was the tenth edition of the international youth tournament in the Olympic Stadium.

The participating clubs this year were: Ajax, Ajax Cape Town (South Africa), Hamburger SV (Germany), Panathinaikos (Greece) and FC Aerbin (China). Because the World Cup currently takes place in Brazil, there were also two Brazilian teams participating in the Aegon Copa Amsterdam, namely Cruzeiro and Fluminense. The 8th team competing for the title was the amateur team selected and coached by Ronald de Boer: Men United. The two groups were divided as following: group A consisted of Ajax, Ajax Cape Town, HSV and Fluminense. The teams of group B were Panathinaikos, FC Aerbin, Cruzeiro and Men United.


Saturday the 7th of June the first matches were played; the opening game of the tournament was ten time participant Ajax against HSV, the Amsterdam squad won the game fairly easy (3-0). The remaining matches of the day were Fluminense-Ajax Cape Town (1-0), Cruzeiro-Panathinaikos (3-0) and Men United-FC Aerbin (0-0).

Sunday the 8th of June most of the matches were scheduled, the first match of the day was FC Aerbin-Cruzeiro (1-1). The other games showed some nice and unexpected results; Panathinaikos-Men United 0-0, Ajax-Fluminense 1-5, HSV-Ajax Cape Town 0-2, Panathinaikos-FC Aerbin 0-0, Men United-Cruzeiro 0-1, Ajax Cape Town-Ajax 1-0 and the final match of Sunday was HSV-Fluminense 0-0. After these matches, it was clear that the semi finalists were Fluminense, FC Aerbin, Cruzeiro and Ajax Cape Town.

Monday the 9th of June was the finals day; this day started with the match for the 7th and 8th place, namely HSV versus Panathinaikos, which was won (0-2) by the Greeks. Subsequently the first semi final between Fluminense and FC Aerbin commenced; the Brazilians won the match hands-down with 3-0 and for that reason Fluminense became the first team to be placed in the final. The second semi final – Ajax-Cruzeiro – was played right after the first semi final and could not be decided after two times 25 minutes of playing time. Hence penalties were on the programme and Cruzeiro turned out to be the better team and the Aegon Copa Amsterdam of this year would have an entire Brazilian final. Before the last game of the day was played, the match for the 5th and 6th place between Ajax and Men United was scheduled and surprisingly won by the amateur team of Ronald de Boer (0-2). The following match was the one for the 3rd and 4th place: Ajax Cape Town versus FC Aerbin and was won by the Chinese with 1-2.

Around 16.30h the final started; the two Brazilian teams were worthy opponents and the final score was 0-0, even after additional time. Therefore penalties had to be taken. Fluminense won the penalty shoot out and thus became the winner of the Aegon Copa Amsterdam 2014!